World Class Competitive Intelligence Services

Intelligentsia delivers business critical competitive intelligence. We provide detailed and accurate competitor information, insights and recommendations to our clients about their competitors' performance, capabilities and plans. More than 80% of our competitor information is unpublished and is gathered from interviews with human sources.

Intelligentsia's competitive intelligence research also scopes market and customer opportunities and assesses competitive threats. This can have major benefits for our clients' business results and give them a decisive edge in today's highly competitive markets.

  • Competitive Intelligence Expertise
    Intelligentsia has specialised in competitive intelligence services since 1990 and has completed more than 6,750 competitive intelligence assignments in every business sector.
  • Global coverage
    With research centres in London and New York and competitor research partners around the world, we are experienced at gathering competitor information in every region.
  • World class clients
    We provide competitive intelligence services to more than 10% of the Fortune 500 companies and to many other fast growing, medium sized firms.
  • Sector focus
    Intelligentsia has six sector practices and our consultants bring extensive industry knowledge and insight to their competitive intelligence research projects.

Intelligentsia provides not only expert competitive intelligence support, but also offers market and customer intelligence and M&A due diligence services.

How We Are Different

  • We solve challenging competitor research problems by getting below the surface. We are expert at researching a company's performance, structure, capabilities and plans.
  • Intelligentsia produces actionable competitive analysis. We explain the significance of the competitive intelligence for our clients and we make recommendations.
  • We increase the productivity of competitive intelligence professionals and their contribution to the bottom-line performance of their organisations.
  • Quality, Integrity, Partnership are Intelligentsia's watch-words.

Six sector practices that provide unique industry insight.

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